Switch Box


Switchbox RF2000A

RF2000A Switch Box

Matrixes for automation of various Microwave production tests.

The Switch Box is a cost effective solution, and the plug-and-play operation makes it intuitive and easy to use.

The Ranatec RF2000A is a flexible test system automation platform that helps you to integrate your complete test system into a single box. No more cables and discrete parts on your desktop. Even though it is switch-oriented, it is well suited for integration of all other coaxial/waveguide parts of a testsystem. Due to its backplane-based architecture, the user can easily add/remove modules whenever needed without any need for software upgrade. Plugin modules can be mounted both on the front side or on the rear side.

All switches can be controlled locally or remotely. During installation, it can be helpful to control them via the local keyboard and display. The display is always updated with the actual status, which can be useful during an ongoing automated verification procedure. RF2000A is designed to be the central communication hub of your test system. When connected to a LAN network, the user can control both internal modules and external instruments via its GPIB Master interface (optional). It can be controlled from any computer in the network via TCP/IP sockets or via its internal web server. It can also be remotely controlled via GPIB or RS-232. The communication protocol is very simple and independant from operating system, programming language etc.