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RI 208 Coaxial Cellular Network

Coaxial Cellular Network (CCN), 690 – 2700 MHz, 8×8

High performance CCN with very fast attenuation setting in compact format


• 8×8 matrix with 64 independent attenuators
• 690 – 2700 MHz RF RF frequency range
• 95 dB attenuation range
• 0.5 dB attenuation stepRI_700_back
• 4 W maximum RF input power
• 19”, 4HU rack mountable
• LabView drivers
• Remote control via LAN

The Ranatec RI 208 is a 8×8 high performance Coaxial Cellular Network (CCN) occupying only 4HU in a 19” rack. All attenuators can be set up to 10.000 times per second and are latched simultaneously. This enables implementation of dynamic channel amplitude models. Several CCN’s can also be synchronized together for MIMO testing, where 8 pcs 8×8 CCNs is a common confi guration.

The RI 208 CCN is designed for mobile network testing applications.


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